The Famous Chefs ingridients of CORN SOUP




1 can corn or 200grams plain corn
2 eggs
3 teaspoonful wet corn starch (onetsp plain corn starch, dissolved in 2 teaspoon H2O)
1/2 teaspoonful chicken bouillon (stock) or MSG
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoonful white sugar


Step 1

Place a wok on high inflame. Add one-half a wok of H2O. Pour Out in the corn kernels when the H2O is boiling. Stir & boil for one to two min. Switch Off the ignite & drain the corn through a colander. Position into a plate or a bowl.
Born the Corn

Step 2

Crack eggs in a bowl & mix. Pour Out the done corn kernels on the chopping board and mince well. Set back into the bowl.
Beat the Egg and Chop the Cooked Corn

Step 3

Dry the wok with a cloth. Set it on high ignite and sum up in two cups of water. Pour Out in the chopped corn. Sum Up in white sugar, salt, chicken stock, wet cornflour and beaten egg. Turn off the ignite when the egg turns into yellowish flower floating about.
Boil Corn Soup

Your Sweet Corn Soup is ready. Spoon it out of the wok & serve it in a soup bowl.

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