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fried catfish



Steps 1

To wash a entire catfish, take out skin from the catfish, then slice the fillet crosswise to a thickness of no longer than one-fourth inch. The secret to frying catfish is practicing light fillets less than 1/4-inch fat.

HINT: An hour-long soak in buttermilk rinses away the cloudy flavor from freshwater fish such as catfish and tilapia.

Steps 2

clean the fillets under cold water & dry thoroughly with paper towels. In a pie position, put fillets and pour milk over the top. In another pie plate, combine cornmeal, salt, pepper, & cayenne pepper.

Steps 3

take out the fish fillets one at once from the milk & roll in the cornmeal mixture to coat equally; place on a huge platter to dry. leaving distance ‘tween them. Allow dry at least 5 minutes.

Steps 4

Ignite the oil or butter in a huge frying pan. Sum Up the coated catfish filets & cook for 5-7 min on every side, dusting additional salt on the catfish after each turn. Cook until golden brown & fish flakes easily with a fork. Drain on paper towels. After draining, position the fillets on different platter wrapped w/ paper towels; set in preheated oven to preserve warm while frying the remaining fillets. The fillets will remain hot & crisp for as long as thirty-five min. Serve w/ lemon wedges.

Gives 4 servings.

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