How to Make Brown Rice Recipes for Dinner

brown rice


Because brown rice is a lot higher in fiber than white rice, you can’t simply adopt the “white rice” directions on the rice cooker or the rice will not show up tough, not soft.


Step 1

Rinse & drain two cups of brown rice.

Step 2

Place it in the rice cooker.  Rather of filling the cooker with H2O to the “2 cup” mark, fill it to the “three cup” mark in your rice cooker. That usually means 3 cups of water for the 2 cups of brown rice.

Step 3

Add a half teaspoon of salt.

Step 4

Turn cooker on.

1cup of rice + 1.5cups of water
2 cups of rice + 3cups of water
3 cups of rice + 4.5cups of water

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